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Our Program Goals are met through a series of sessions for which we designed and developed, such as:

  • Discovering Your Life Purpose

  • Developing and Operating a Kingdom Business

  • Strategic Planning Process / Sessions

  • Concept to Feasibility Analysis

  • Forming and Operating a Non-Profit Organization


    Organizational Development Sessions

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Route Planning
Our Program Goals
  • Empower individuals to identify and develop their dreams, visions and passions.

  • Assist new entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams of owning and operating Kingdom businesses

  • Provide new entrepreneurs with custom-designed business courses offering practical steps in activating, implementing and sustaining their Kingdom business

  • Assist individuals who are currently operating a business but not achieving their desired results

  • Grant entrepreneurs access to receive business expertise from mentors, coaches and strategic partners

  • Assist individuals with a passion for charity with starting and operating a non-profit organization

Our Ideal Students:

  • Professionals who want more out life than 9-5

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and solopreneurs

  • Stay-at-Home Moms who feel called to ministry and charity work

  • Struggling business owners who need life breathed into their businesses

  • Individuals who feel lost or misdirected regarding their futures

  • Work-at-Home individuals who want to leverage their expertise to begin new businesses

  • Individuals who feel called to business ownership but don’t know where to begin

Our Schedule and locations:


  • Our courses are offered the following ways​

  • Schedule live classes at your location

  • Schedule live classes through Zoom

  • Call 860.460.4716 to discuss your needs

Our Cost
•    13 Modules at $199.00 per module
•    A 10% discount is offered (13 Modules) if you purchase the entire course
•    10% of the total price of 13 modules will be donated to your favorite charity (501c3) after completion of the course

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