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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I think I want to open a business but am not sure I am cut out for it. Am I an ideal student for your course?
We welcome anyone who wants to explore his or her purpose and/or start a business. Our sessions are divided and priced so individuals who are unsure of their future plans can first take the Discovering Your Life Purpose session and then make a decision whether they believe they are called to own and operate a business.

2. You use words such as "called" and "Kingdom" but I am not a Christian. Can I take your course?
Absolutely! Just as we would not tell someone they can not take the course because they enjoy different hobbies, we do not exclude anyone from taking our courses. We do prepare you, however, during our first course to understand that our teachings are from a Christian worldview. If you are okay with that, we are okay with you taking all of the courses.

3. So what exactly does "Kingdom business" mean, anyway?
We believe that every person has a specific purpose and call for their life. People who are called to own and operate businesses have a major influence on society, the local economy, and their clientele. We believe if business owners put Jesus Christ first, envisioning Him as CEO, they will be successful and influential in their communities. These business owners will regularly and without hesitation tithe, give back to their communities, and show God's love through each transaction. The term "Kingdom" refers to the business being a part of and reflection of God's kingdom.

4. I do not think I can afford the course. That is a lot of money to spend on myself.
We offer plans to meet most budgets and believe that every individual should have the opportunity to understand their calling and live their God-given dreams. We have priced our course well below comparable programs. Additionally, we offer discounts to large groups. If you truly cannot afford the program but know people who can, talk to us about our referral, which can help you earn classes for free.

5. I want to learn this but do not live in CT. Do you have any plans to offer online learning?
Yes. Due to the demand for this course, we are currently working to offer the course via live webinar or you can download the models our current estimation for this offering is Spring 2019. Send us an email or call us to be added to our mailing list so you can receive an update when this offering is available.

6. I want to bring your program to my church, how do I make it happen?
Contact us! We are willing to bring the course to your location. 1) If you have a commitment of at least 10 students; 2) you provide the meeting space and beverages for the class; 3) your space is set up to comfortably provide the students with room to write, share, and think. Our courses can also be offered through Zoom.

7. I don't have 10 weeks to dedicate to learning right now. Do you offer an accelerated learned course?
For time to time, we offer retreats, two-day conferences, and other condensed curriculum models. These classes are structured differently and provide an overview versus in-depth training. If you would like to be notified of these upcoming events, please contact us to be added to our mailing list.

8. What am I going to learn in this class that I can't learn by taking free webinars and telecasts or reading books?
That is dependent upon your commitment to the process and to yourself. Our classes are in-depth learning modules that require homework. 10 weeks of solid training and skill development prepare you to own and operate your business effectively, efficiently and productively. Unlike many free webinars and telecasts, we will not bring you to class only to provide a high level overview and then ask you to purchases discounted books and services. While we offer additional services and have published books, these are not offered until the program is complete and are only offered as a supplement to continue the learning after you are not attending the class. If you follow the process and are true to yourself by doing the homework, will have full knowledge of what is required of you to own and operate your business without us.

9. I am a solopreneur. Would this program work for me?
Our program can help anyone willing to learn, invest time within themselves, and develop their calling. We have had past students who believed they were solopreneurs but figured out when taking our classes that they would work better with partners and staff. We have also had students who thought they would open businesses with employees, who realized they worked better by themselves. The key to success in the program is to commit to the process, pray, and remain open to your calling.

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